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We have a range of rooms available for hire. Our largest, the 1688 room, can accommodate 100 people for concerts or lectures. Also on the ground floor, the  Penn Room is a flexible space that can take 40 people lecture format or is suitable for Yoga and movement classes – and being adjacent to a self-catering kitchen, is suitable for family gatherings as well. Our first-floor conference/meeting/couselling room (Penington) is suitable for one-to-ones or groups of 8-12 people. Our smallest, the Russell Room, is bright and peaceful and is suitable for meetings of 2-6, private retreats, or one-to-one sessions.


 Room                   Dimensions        Area            Capacity                                            Rate /Hr


 1688  Room              5.9m x 8.2m            48 sqm             100   -  Concert or public meeting                   £37.50

 Penn   Room             5.3m x 7.6m            40 sqm             40     -  Lecture format;  20 - Workshops         £26.50

 Penington Room       3.6 x 5.5m               20 sqm             12     -  Conference table                                 £16.50    

 Russell  Room           3.2 x 5.4m              17 sqm              2 to 6  -  Boardroom or one-to-one                 £14.00

Parking: There is on-site parking for up to 22 cars and more spaces a short walk away.


Throughout your visit a member of staff will be on hand to ensure you receive a warm and friendly welcome; we do our best to respond to your requests.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements: phone 01494 876594 or email

1688 Room 258 x 152
Penn Room 258 x 152
Pennington Room 350x190

Penn Room

1688 Meeting Room

Penington Room

Russell Room

Front 350x190
Penington July 258 x 152
Russel July 258 x 152